As the Humans escalated the stairs of evolutionary development, they traversed the journey from embryo to homo -sapiens to present intellectual and on this voyage, they adapted their needs and basic instinct to pass the ramrod of natural selection (survival of the fittest). After fulfilling the most rudimentary and fundamental need of food clothing and shelter, the ambit of desires grew to connect to share views, technology on a large scale beyond the boundaries of a particular demographic area. This void gave birth to the concept of “Globalization” i.e. the international integration of global economy.
With the passage of time and looking into future aspect many civilizations decided to board the ship before they were left behind in the race. As the result the world saw a free flow of ideas, cultural aspect and workforce across the globe skyrocketing the trade and generation of ample employment opportunities. Nothing comes free of cost similarly globalization too had its price. Human-being the wittiest animal and the longest to survive the “natural selection” can and would do anything for its survival. As the globalization hold its grip tight on the international economy it led to the feeling of insecurity because of several aspects, but among them, job lost due to structural changes being the most critical one. Soon the Coterie within boundaries started feeling that their piece of bread is being snatched away from them and given to someone else. The people within boundaries started feeling left out and saw immigrants trespassing on their rights and this led to the emergence of “jingoism”.
Even the countries considered to be an epitome of cosmopolitan culture, embracing diversity with the open hands are now facing the heat of globalization. Bre-exit campaign, the result of USA presidential election and inclination of people towards far right parties in various countries reflect the mood of the proletariat. Nobody knows what future holds for humanity but the journey we have embarked upon truly mocks the believer and founder of utopian society. Although jingoism has been one of an unwanted product of globalization but we cannot go backward. Advancement of globalization is inevitable.


9 thoughts on “Globalisation and Jingoism coexist together!!!!

  1. Nevertheless, this is a well-written blog on one of the most critical challenges confronting our increasingly globalizing world. It questions the dominant narrative on the globalization discourse, demanding a rethink of long-held assumptions, and advances reasons why it is in our interest to address the risks and dangers posed by economic globalization. The important message to take away from this blog is that the long term sustainability of economic globalization is in question, and there is a need to manage the already evolving processes of economic integration to ensure that everyone benefits. The pressing question that remains is where this change will emanate from. The blog may not have provided a definitive answer to this, but it does point to the problem and puts the debate back into public discourse.


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