via Daily Prompt: Someday

The word “Someday” somehow connote optimism and hope. One can not  be sure of when that Someday  would be, it could be within a week , a month or in years. While going through gloomy patchy days in life , even the slightest hope look like light at end of tunnel. We might not know how much we would have to traverse to reach end of tunnel but as long we see glimpse of light we really feel encouraged to continue journey despite of all glitches and bumps on way.No matter what sort of trouble  one is sipping through cup  but this hope that someday he would be emancipated  , someday he would be above sky too gives him the strength to face the chill winds of life.

No matter how bleak are chances  of  this Someday but it  work wonder by making one  look forward each day with new possibilities simply hoping each day to be his crowning day.So the glass could be half empty right now but someday it would be half filled……


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