“You live once, but you do it right then once is enough”

The above line of thought really made me ponder, “Is there really a recipe or mantra to live a perfect life?”. The moment I started to traipse on this lane of thought the first thing which struck me is What exactly is life? .Well, the Cambridge dictionary verbatim definition of life is–“the period between birth and death or the experience or state of being alive”. Does being alive or being differentiated from dead suffice enough to understand this esoteric concept. It is really impossible to elaborate life in such vanilla words, as there could be different ways to experience this gift.
Have you ever thought how snapshot is different from fine art photos? The basic difference is simple, a snapshot is not about focusing everything perfectly, rather it is holding onto camera at a funny angle, get funky and avoid symmetry, don’t frame, don’t think, don’t compose. On the other hand, fine art photos are all about composing a photo, organizing the picture, to plan exactly what you want to get under your lens. Both have a different purpose to serve. Similarly, life can either be a snapshot or an art photo. For some strata of bourgeois life is all about planning, organizing, deciding short and long terms goals and to keep tab of even the most trivial aspects of their life. While for others it could be living in the moment or in laymen words to go with the flow. No plan, no schedules, no rehearsal, just ride the roller coaster and travel the unknown roads and let the journey itself decide the destination. The purpose of walking may be to get somewhere else but what makes that journey memorable is not the destination but the landscape one experiences during the journey. We all are in hurry to reach our destination and often found ourselves standing in the fork path in life to make out whether casual or martinet which would better lead us to have a vivid experience of the landscape of our journey.
This catch22 situation bothers everyone at one point in time in their life. If one decides to go by the book, follow stringent timelines, have a plan for everything, keep everything coordinated and in shape than one loses the surprise element in life, the mind becomes rigidly compartmentalized with no room for creativity. While if one follows his heart, take last minute decision and believes in free-flowing philosophy then one often found himself standing on the brink in this cut throat competitive world. It is really difficult to find an antidote to this uncertainty in life.


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