Savageness is one of the primal instincts of human beings and because of this feral behavior we often clash with each other. The parties involved in skirmishes can be placated if both can be reminded of something they have in common.For instance, two brothers involved in a squabble can be made to give up their fight or ignore petty differences on the pretext that they share the common blood. A common thread(which can be anything blood relationship, language, culture etc.) is the structural condition for the existence of any society. We human beings always try to seek out some common ground in order to feel attached to each other. There has to be something via which we can establish bond or relationship among us. Starting from the lowest echelons of society, the most fundamental common thread for humans is blood relations which bind group of people into a family. It’s the lineage all progeny have in common which gives them the feeling of togetherness. If one member has a fight with another they can be reminded of this very bond in order to pacify both of them. But an only limited number of people can feel associated because of this link as human don’t get to choose their own family and therefore a mostly group of 10-20 people can be the member of the same family. Climbing up the ladder of society, several families living together in vicinity give birth to a tribe which can share the same dialect or tradition. This feeling that they share the same language gives them the reason to be stand united in case they have a clash with another tribe. A tribe is generally an aggregate of 200-300 people but is still limited in scope. We need another thread which can give reason to be united even on much larger scale and hence comes religion into mind. Religion is the next element in the queue which can fetter even larger number of people to feel they have some common ground. All the people under the umbrella of particular religion feel like connected because they all follow a common set of beliefs and ideology. Thus belief in common faith acts as a gel for even a much larger number of people. The next Lego block required to keep intact the society is boundaries of the nation. Boundaries of a nation give its citizen a reason to be united, a common identification and spirit or aspiration of belonging to a nation. Due to one or more than one object factors mentioned above like religion, language, culture etc. there grows in a people a strong feeling of like-mindedness which endows humans with the quality of sticking together. This like-mindedness evokes the feeling of patriotism which is unconditional unbounded love for that very particular common thread binding us in a stack. One could have this love for its religion language culture or nation. One should proudly saunter down the lanes of patriotism but often blindly traipsing these lanes often leads to the dead end of jingoism. Often when nationalism takes the extreme form in any country, it becomes the basis for a world war. For nations at war what could be the binding factor which could be given as a ground to resolve their conflicts? For me, humanity is the only motivation which can bind all the living beings and can even efface the boundaries of the nation. Humanity is the linchpin, which can hold all different spokes be it language, religion, culture or even nations and keep the wheel rolling off. According to Buddhist psychology, most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities. Love and compassion are the moral fabric of world peace. Humanity is the compassion based on altruistic considerations. Humanity is the umbrella under which each and every one of us can get the shelter from the scorching heat of abomination and detestation towards each other. Humanity is the best of all threads which can be obtained from the cocoon and can bind the human being on the largest scale. Thus we should always keep in mind that:
“Our heart should be wide enough to embrace the world and hands should be long enough to encompass the world.”


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